Statement & Exhibition list of Anne Felicie Nickels


Autodidact artist active in Sweden since 2016. Prime technique is fused glass but also works with graphic art and oil painting.

-”When I was growing up I dreamed about being a scientist. Exploring and learning, always been and still is, an engine for me. I love the beauty in glass and the technical challenges it gives me. My art speaks about it all and through my art, I wish to share the story of ancient culture and the greatness of nature we live in today.”

Art Galleries

Glasprinsen AB

Magnus Ladulåsgatan 27, S-118 65 Stockholm – Manager: Rami Kanan

Galleri Bluelight

Svalegatan 4 A, S-268 90 Svalöv – Manager: Per Widell

Salo Art

Käppingsborg, Skolgatan 1, S-602 25 Norrköping – Manager: Jaana Salo

Selected exhibitions & Art Fairs

Höstsalong | Konstgillet Mittskåne | 2016-10-15 –2016-10-23

Jury: Tommy B Nilsson, Dan Markdalen, Jan Olsson, Jan Åkesson, Emelie Ånskog

Stipendieutställning | Galleri Bluelight | 2017-09-16 –2017-09-18

Jury: Per Widell, Magnus Krook, Kenneth Denker, Kjell Stjernholm, Margareta Kristensson

Höstsalong | Konstgillet Mittskåne | 2017-10-14 –2017-10-22

Jury: Tobias Widell, Kerstin Jofjell, Jan Åkesson, Emelie Ånskog

Stipendieutställning | Galleri Bluelight | 2017-09-16 –2017-09-18

Jury: Per Widell, Magnus Krook, Kjell Stjernholm, Margareta Kristensson

Höstsalong | Öppna sinnen | 2018-09-14 –2018-09-16

Jury: Inger Finnman, Anki Lethin, Anna Heij

Vårvisning | Stockholms Konstsalong | 2019-03-30 –2019-04-07

Jury: Radovan Korac-Korn, Matilda Lehvonen, Ebba Alexandrie, Joakim Alexandrie

Höstsalong | Romele konsthall | 2019-08-31 –2019-09-08

Jury: Ingalill Angbäck, Susanne Lindblad, Kjell Nilsson, Ingvar Wallin

Europ Art Fair | Amsterdam | 2019-12-06 –2019-12-08

Organized by: De Kunst Collega's B.V. - Manager: Nicole Severens

ALCHEMIC BODY | The Line Art Gallery | London | 2019-12-20 –2020-01-29

Organized by: ITSLIQUID Group - Curator: Luca Curci - Gallery manager: Massimiliano Gordiani

ART ÖRESUND | Ödåkra Konshall | 2020-03-11 –2020-03-22

Organized by: Richard Wendt and Andreas Wargenbrant

HÖSTSALONG | ROMELE KONSTHALL | Dörröd | 2020-08-29 – 2020-09-06

Jury: Görel Collin, Kjell Nilsson, Ingvar Wallin

Other exhibitions & Events

2017 Konstgillet Mittskånes Konstrunda, Höör

2017 Konstgillet Mittskånes Jubileumsutställning, Höör

2017 Skanör – Falsterbo Konstdagar, Engleson Gallerier

2017 Deeloop Art, Luftkastellet, Malmö

2017 Viking Gallery, Helsingborg

2018 Konsttrampet, Engleson Gallerier, Skanör

2018 Hamnfestivalen i Limhamn, Malmö

2018 Galleri Isietio, Österlen

2018 Galleri Maria Thorlund, Lund

2018 Gallerinatten i Malmö, Engleson Gallerier

2018 Galleri PeterPlato, Landskrona

2019 Vårsalong, Romele Konsthall

2019 Engleson Gallerier, Fiskarstugan i Skanör

2019 Engleson Gallerier, Göteborg

2019 Konsthelg i Lund, Scandic Star Hotell

2020 Alfa Laval Konstförening, Lund

2020 Konstrampet, Engleson Gallerier, Skanör

Artbooks & Magazines

WORLD of ART, Issue 8 Volume 2 2019. La Biennale di Venezia

WORLD of ART, Issue 9 Volume 1 2020. MoMa N.Y.C

WWAB, World Wide Art Magazine, Issue 4

WWAB, Book of Current Masters, Issue 5

CFA Press, Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 20

MAMAG Modern Art Museum. Book of Contemporary Art and Artists

Small RA 'Hieroglyf' no1

Small RA 'hieroglyf' no 1, Alfa Laval Konstförening, Lund

Spiggis firefin, Privat collector, Great Britain

Gäddius pinkfin, Privat collector, Germany

Aztek 'Maya' Large no1

Large Aztek 'Maya' no1, Tetra Pak Konstförening, Lund