Statement & Exhibition list of Anne Felicie Nickels


Autodidact artist active in Sweden since 2016. Prime technique is fused glass but also works with graphic art and oil painting.

-”When I was growing up I dreamed about being a scientist. Exploring and learning, always been and still is, an engine for me. I love the beauty in glass and the technical challenges it gives me. My art speaks about it all and through my art, I wish to share the story of ancient culture and the greatness of nature we live in today.”

Art Galleries

Glasprinsen AB

Magnus Ladulåsgatan 27, S-118 65 Stockholm – Manager: Rami Kanan

Galleri Bluelight

Svalegatan 4 A, S-268 90 Svalöv – Manager: Per Widell

Selected exhibitions & Art Fairs

Höstsalong | Konstgillet Mittskåne | 2016-10-15 –2016-10-23

Jury: Tommy B Nilsson, Dan Markdalen, Jan Olsson, Jan Åkesson, Emelie Ånskog

Stipendieutställning | Galleri Bluelight | 2017-09-16 –2017-09-18

Jury: Per Widell, Magnus Krook, Kenneth Denker, Kjell Stjernholm, Margareta Kristensson

Höstsalong | Konstgillet Mittskåne | 2017-10-14 –2017-10-22

Jury: Tobias Widell, Kerstin Jofjell, Jan Åkesson, Emelie Ånskog

Stipendieutställning | Galleri Bluelight | 2017-09-16 –2017-09-18

Jury: Per Widell, Magnus Krook, Kjell Stjernholm, Margareta Kristensson

Höstsalong | Öppna sinnen | 2018-09-14 –2018-09-16

Jury: Inger Finnman, Anki Lethin, Anna Heij

Vårvisning | Stockholms Konstsalong | 2019-03-30 –2019-04-07

Jury: Radovan Korac-Korn, Matilda Lehvonen, Ebba Alexandrie, Joakim Alexandrie

Höstsalong | Romele konsthall | 2019-08-31 –2019-09-08

Jury: Ingalill Angbäck, Susanne Lindblad, Kjell Nilsson, Ingvar Wallin

Europ Art Fair | Amsterdam | 2019-12-06 –2019-12-08

Organized by: De Kunst Collega's B.V. - Manager: Nicole Severens

ALCHEMIC BODY | The Line Art Gallery | London | 2019-12-20 –2020-01-29

Organized by: ITSLIQUID Group - Curator: Luca Curci - Gallery manager: Massimiliano Gordiani

ART ÖRESUND | Ödåkra Konshall | 2020-03-11 –2020-03-22

Organized by: Richard Wendt and Andreas Wargenbrant

HÖSTSALONG | ROMELE KONSTHALL | Dörröd | 2020-08-29 – 2020-09-06

Jury: Görel Collin, Kjell Nilsson, Ingvar Wallin

Other exhibitions & Events

2017 Konstgillet Mittskånes Konstrunda, Höör

2017 Konstgillet Mittskånes Jubileumsutställning, Höör

2017 Skanör – Falsterbo Konstdagar, Engleson Gallerier

2017 Deeloop Art, Luftkastellet, Malmö

2017 Viking Gallery, Helsingborg

2018 Konsttrampet, Engleson Gallerier, Skanör

2018 Hamnfestivalen i Limhamn, Malmö

2018 Galleri Isietio, Österlen

2018 Galleri Maria Thorlund, Lund

2018 Gallerinatten i Malmö, Engleson Gallerier

2018 Galleri PeterPlato, Landskrona

2019 Vårsalong, Romele Konsthall

2019 Engleson Gallerier, Fiskarstugan i Skanör

2019 Engleson Gallerier, Göteborg

2019 Konsthelg i Lund, Scandic Star Hotell

2020 Alfa Laval Konstförening, Lund

2020 Konstrampet, Engleson Gallerier, Skanör

Artbooks & Magazines

WORLD of ART, Issue 8 Volume 2 2019. La Biennale di Venezia

WORLD of ART, Issue 9 Volume 1 2020. MoMa N.Y.C

WWAB, World Wide Art Magazine, Issue 4

WWAB, Book of Current Masters, Issue 5

CFA Press, Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 20

MAMAG Modern Art Museum. Book of Contemporary Art and Artists

Small RA 'hieroglyf' no 1
Alfa Laval Konstförening, Lund

Spiggis firefin
Privat collector, Great Britain

Gäddius pinkfin
Privat collector, Germany