Medium Human enlightenment 'Pandemic' no1

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Ur serien 'Naïve' inspirerad av forntida folk och kulturer. 6 mm transparent fusat glas med delvis iriserande yta, monterat i ett stilrent järnstativ. Passar lika bra i fönstret som mot en ljus vägg inne i rummet.

From the series 'Naïve' inspired by ancient people and cultures. 6 mm transparent fuset glass with partitial iridised surface on the front. Mounted in an iron stand. Suitable in a window or against a light wall.

Human enlightenment 'Pandemic' was created during the Corvid-19 outbreak all around the world 2020. It reflects the moment of perceiving knowledge. I've choosen this artwork to be a part of the 'Naïve' series since discovery follows human kind trought out all ages and cultures.

Höjd: 25 cm

Bredd: 17 cm

Vikt: 1,2 kg

Sign: yes

År/Year: 2020